Archons Are Celestial Champions
When encountered in the Material Plane, justice archons are likely on a mission to capture or deliver judgement on a creature.

The mighty archons are exalted celestial champions who maintain peace, uphold justice, and serve the angels and deities of Arcadia, Bytopia, and the Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia. Whereas angels act more as agents, commanders, and generals, archons fill the role of soldiers, scouts, and support specialists. They protect the innocent and defenseless and aid the wounded and sick. They despise and stand against malevolent supernatural creatures such as demons, devils, yugoloths, and evil undead. They capture and bring to justice powerful creatures who have performed depraved and despicable acts. Unfortunately, their unwavering sense of righteousness often leaves them vulnerable to manipulation and conflict.

Archons never willingly use violence unless it is necessary. However, if combat is unavoidable, archons can be a terrifying thing to behold as they become justice and vengeance personified. They radiate an aura of menace that can sap the will of their foes. Archons are expert battle tacticians, able to teleport at will and cast powerful divine spells that can aid allies and banish foes. In addition to their impressive powers, they are also fearless, tireless, resistant to most attacks, and can’t be charmed.

While they rarely leave Mount Celestia, archons can be encountered anywhere, even in the Lower Planes. They frequently travel to the Material Plane on a variety of missions, acting as couriers, messengers, spies, or marshals. Archons have been known to assist adventurers, especially if they are favored by their deities.

There are eight major types of archons, each with different characteristics and abilities. The hound archon, justice archon, and lantern archons are the most numerous ones, and make up the bulk of the archon army, serving as foot soldiers, guards, and scouts. The owl archon, trumpet archon, and warden archon are specialists, while the sword archon and the throne archon act as military officers. An archon doesn’t require food, drink, or sleep.

Major Archons stand at attention.

Hound archons resemble tall, muscular humanoids with canine heads. They have an athletic physique and are experts in melee combat. They rarely wear armor, which they find constrictive, relying more on their agility and martial abilities for defense. They prefer to wield two-handed weapons such as greatswords.

The gallant hound archons are Mount Celestia’s foot soldiers and guards. They are very protective of the innocent and are ready to give their lives if necessary. When sent on missions to the Material Plane, they often assume canine forms, posing as pets or guard dogs.

The fearsome justice archons are the peacekeepers in Mount Celestia, appearing as winged humanoids garbed in resplendent-looking plate armor.

If anyone commits an atrocity in the Upper Planes, you can be sure that justice archons will come for them. Unfortunately, their zealousness to mete swift justice often brings them into conflict with those who ask for mercy or leniency. Despite these issues, justice archons are highly valued for their vigilance and fervor. When encountered in the Material Plane, justice archons are likely on a mission to capture or deliver judgement on a creature.

The most common of all archons, lantern archons resemble 3-foot-diameter radiant orbs that constantly pulsate in a slow rhythm. Though limited in intelligence, lantern archons are beings of purity and goodwill and are always eager to help anyone in need.

Lantern archons are found all over Mount Celestia, wandering around waiting to welcome and aid adventurers and other planar travelers seeking passage. They are often encountered in the company of other archons, which are usually hound archons. They serve as hound archons’ scouts and aid them in battle by illuminating their foes with their light rays, making them easier targets.

The altruistic owl archon appears as a giant, 9-foot tall owl with silvery snow-white plume and bright golden eyes that exhibit wisdom and kindness. It directly answers to the deities of Mount Celestia, as well as to the high-ranked angels and archons. It is feared for its ability to petrify foes with its gaze.

An owl archon serves as a scout, courier, and envoy. While the owl archon is often busy with its tasks, it will not hesitate to help and protect those in need. Of all the archons, the owl archon is the most commonly encountered one outside the plane of Mount Celestia.

The fearsome sword archons are the marshals of Mount Celestia, in charge of enforcing the law and maintaining the peace. They appear as 8-foot-tall humanoids with muscular bodies and attractive features. Their eyes and magnificent-looking wings faintly glow with a golden-orange radiance.

Sword archons are known for their prowess in combat and their ability to transform their forearms into magical flaming swords that can’t be disarmed. They are particularly feared for their ability to discorporate their quarries with their sword arms, sending their souls to be imprisoned in Mount Celestia. While they serve a role similar to justice archons, sword archons specialize in hunting and dealing with more significant threats, such as powerful fiends and undead.

The benevolent throne archons are the commanders of all archons and serve as judges and generals. They report directly to planetars, solars, and the deities of Mount Celestia. Throne archons stand 12 feet in height and appear as imposing humanoids with flawless golden skin and intense blazing eyes. They wear impressive-looking golden or silver plate mail armor and wield enormous magical greatswords. Throne archons don’t have wings like most archons, but they still can fly effortlessly at will. Their primary duties are overseeing archon officers, conducting court proceedings, and passing judgement.

Throne archons despise combat, but enemies learn quickly how incredibly powerful throne archons are if they are forced to fight. They are known for their devastating greatsword attacks and their uncanny ability to make foes remorseful of their sins by simply meeting their gaze.

Trumpet archons serve as official emissaries and heralds of the gods of Mount Celestia. They appear as winged attractive bald humanoids with emerald skin and as their name implies, carry gleaming silver trumpets known as buisines. Like owl archons, trumpet archons are typically encountered outside the plane of Mount Celestia as they are often sent on important diplomatic missions and usually escorted by sword and justice archons.

Trumpet archons disdain combat and will always try to find ways to avoid it. If pressed to fight, however, they will use their spells only for defense. If given no choice, they will wield their buisines as devastating war mauls. What makes trumpet archons dangerous, though, are their trumpet blasts, which can paralyze or stun foes.

Warden archons are the sentinels of Mount Celestia’s gates, portals, and penitentiaries. They are 10-foot-tall humanoids with ursine features and surprisingly dexterous clawed hands. While they may come across as menacing, warden archons are gentle giants who are averse to combat. Nevertheless, if they need to fight, they become formidable warriors, able to rip enemies apart with their sharp claws and teeth.

Anyone who arrives at Mount Celestia must go through a warden archon’s inspection. Its ability to identify a creature’s alignment enables it to spot potential enemies immediately. It also spends time observing other planes through giant scrying pools, reporting its findings directly to throne archons.

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