A Mercenary for You to Hire
Mercenaries can be trusted to fulfill their contract if they are not demoralized.

This evening is ripe to find a mercenary: a hired solider who will help you. You know you can’t buy a mercenary’s loyalty, but you can rent it…for a short time. Mercenaries aren’t the desperate type, as you need them more than they need you: high death rates, poor treatment, low pay, revolts, desertion – success in their mission could secure some sense of loyalty, for what it’s worth; they know what they are and their lifestyle exemplifies it: loose morals, sexual deviants, heavy drinking, late night celebrations even when there is only bad news: maybe they’re just happy to be alive for another paycheck. There are many available this evening. If you pay a little up front, you could expect commitment no matter how drunk they are, in the morning. But you’ll need to ensure them that you’ll cover all costs: pay, food, travel, any specialized gear, should they need it… . A half-elven female mercenary, dressed in leather, wielding a large dagger, screams in laughter at a man who just passed out, “Oh no you don’t! I’m in the mood for some buggery!”

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