Down Comes Lightning
Kobolds might look tough, but they scare easily.

Surrounded by a dozen reptilian, two-feet-tall humanoids, these Kobolds are brave in packs, but you know they are easily frightened by nature, and unworldly phenomenon’s, else if they see many of their own slain. You look up; the clouds look ripe: you choose a point most favorable to Call Lightning. Speaking aloud, so the Kobolds know who is in control, the dark clouds instantly form, and the clap of thunder stops the Kobolds advancement. They too look up – in fear. A blinding, white flash cracks from the sky to the gathering of pseudo-brave Kobolds who were preparing to attack. The Kobolds screech in pain and fear – pandemonium sets in as your spell has killed 3 Kobolds instantaneously. They scurry like rats.

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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