D&D Adventure: Unleash the Kraken
Unleash the Kraken as it rises out of the water attacking ships.

One of my own adventures, I share you with you to customize and run with your group.

Story Synopsis:

A major, affluent, port city, Bal, finds itself defenseless against a report that an armada is preparing to set sail to attack and siege it. The people of Bal only hope is to unleash the ancient beast – the city’s ancient guardian – The Kraken.

Though scribes centuries ago invoked it with ink, many don’t believe it exists; the old texts are just fables. Though there are some who believe it still lies dormant, waiting to be reawaken, somberly sleeping on the sacred island of Dukora, that is home to the god Oceanus.

You will discover the truth, should you dare make the trek to Dukora and journey into the Corridors of Oceanus… .

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