Deva Comes
Deserts are unforgiving when arid and parched.

You whispered prayers all night before passing out in the desert. The morning has come, your eyes open, you don’t move. You just lie there, feeling abandoned. Your body is weak, your mind is meek, your lips cracked like the desert floor, needing water. Daylight will soon scorch these forsaken arid lands, and you. You roll your head over, near you, standing above, is a deva: a beautiful human-like creature with silvery skin and feathery wings that stretch across from its back, shading you from the rising sun so you can see clear: this is not your mind playing tricks on you – it is divine – and drops next to you a sack of fruits, dried meats and water skins stating in a soft, unworldly voice, “The feeling and the fact are not the same.”

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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