Copper Dragon’s Lair Isn’t Abandoned
Copper dragons are huge and like joke around.

The Copper Dragon stands above you; his body is of a reddish-brown color, with hints of green at the end of each scale and his odor has the scent of soil. He is carrying, holding several makeshift bags the size of mules that are stuffed. In a loud, echoing boom, the copper dragon demands your attention, “Scroungers! Parasites! In my home?” He interrupts your attempt to excuse yourself with a half-smile, “Each of you, tell me a joke. And in return I will part with some treasure, the last I’m taking out of my lair, in these bags I hold. I can’t promise what you’ll receive, but surely something is better than death.” He chuckles, “Now, be a good guest, and entertain me,” as he gets comfortable on the floor his eyes squint and his tone turns to impatience, “Before I take offense to the intrusion!”

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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