Chain Lightning Strikes
Hobgoblins are ruthless and tough for humans, so try not to anger them.

Out here, in the untamed lands, three Hobgoblins are fully geared, are tired of your cagey response – these robbers demand all of your coins or your life. As they continue to threaten you from twenty feet away, ensuring their flanks are covered, you’ve subtly prepared your materials, having them believe you are searching for what they want – then shout, clapping your hands with bit of fur and a piece of amber – casting Chain Lightning – an arc of lightening hurls towards the lead Hobgoblin that creates a crackling bridge of lightening arcs outwards towards its companions. The attack is instantaneous, and as quicks your spoke, they had no time to respond, only to clench up, falling to their knees. Smoldering, burnt and blistering, lying there, they exhale their last breath. 

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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