Balor – Invading the Abyss
Balor fire demon on fire.

From afar you see the glows and the sparks of red, white, crimson, and blue hues of fire, magic and metal. The echoing roars of screaming battle cries shower your ears like tidal waves – the armies of the Abyss and the world above of humans and demi-humans are battling. Armies joining armies to invade the Abyss to prevent demons from encroaching – these worlds have collided – a tsunami of bodies and demons clash with every known melee and siege weapon, complimented by magic, sorcerers, wizards, dragons, dwarves, elves, humans – many and much more: their allegiance to ensure either the Abyss will take them all or none.

You and your party traveled alone, far from the battlefields, to make certain that the gates to these worlds never open again. Looking away from the ongoing battle below, on the horizon, up above, standing before you is a general observing one of his many demonic hordes that are readying in the rear to help in reinforcing the flanks. You lay low, behind a pile of rocks, hoping not to be discovered and having to challenge the Balor. You have a much more important task…its burning whip and the ability to summon a dozen other demons on command can make any encounter more difficult and precarious – you may find yourself unable to complete the task at hand should you be discovered.

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