An Offer
D&D Dungeons and Dragons fantasy art.

Days travel from the nearest road, in the feral forest, your backpacking leads you to a dwarf named Bardora who is needing help resetting his wheel that fell off his wagon his pony had been pulling. You offer, he accepts, and in a matter of moments the small wagon is almost as good as used. The stocky dwarf, Bardora, appreciates your help in the middle of this rugged forest and asks, “Since you’re in the great out-nowhere,” gesturing to the forest with his arms out, as if waiting for it to hug him back “I presume you’re on a quest or seeking one?” The forest did not reciprocate; Bardora shrugs his shoulders as if that’s that, “I never liked trees.”

Ask Bardora about that quest? Map of Something

Ignore him and continue on your way? Walk In the Wild

How to play Dungeons and Dragons.

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