Abhorrent Overlord Fiends
Flying demon in the sky - fantasy art.

Looking over the jagged rocks, you don’t hear or see it. You know it supposed to be lurking, but the Abhorrent Overlord is nowhere in sight. Wait. Something is forming: a black shadow several hundred feet out. Storm of Crows is manifesting – a conjuration – a swarm of spectral crows manifesting into a dark, twenty-foot radius sphere. This gray, leathery skinned fiend that preys on gold and has an appetite for pain uses Storm of Crows to help let it see at a distance, scouting for its vision, else prepared attack. If you can see the swarm, the Abhorrent Overlord is only hundreds of feet away…in some direction. The spectral crows are fierce in their cawing; they are not just the Abhorrent Overlord’s eyes, but it’s ranged weapon, a preferred form of an attack should it see a threat, else anyone with gold in the Underworld.

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